Reducing Carbon Footprint
Our Unrelenting Effort

We take great pride in ensuring an environmental friendly hotel building & services. Some of the green initiatives undertaken are:

Water Conservation
  • Rain Water Harvesting – rain water is passed on from the terrace and driveways to recharge ground water through a borewell.
  • Sewerage Treatment Plant – All waste water is treated at the STP and utilized for watering the plants in the premises and the balance is released into the public sewerage.

Energy Conservation
  • A central courtyard is inspired by age old concept which allows natural lighting and cooling to reduce power consumption while providing fresh air and views of jharokhas in yellow sandstone, to the guest.
  • The building also has an installed solar electricity generation capacity of 60 watt and solar water heater.
  • Double glazed windows, energy saving switches and LED bulbs are some of the other measures that we have undertaken to reduce the energy utilization and carbon foot print.

  • All toiletries are recyclable and single use plastic is banned in hotel premises.
  • All food waste is composed using microbes to produce manure.