Drink & Dine

From grab-and-go food for those city tours, to fine dining for leisurely dinners with awe-inspiring fort view and from cappuccino to concoctions, we serve to satisfy every palate and every mood. The bustard family of birds are the eponym for the eating outlets.

Godavan Restaurant

‘Godavan’ (The Great Indian Bustard) is the rooftop restaurant. It has an open kitchen, indoor and outdoor seating and the views are simply fascinating. The magnificent Golden fort…

Café Tilor

‘Tilor’ (Macqueen Bustard) lies within a courtyard and is open-air. The walls of the courtyard are embellished with meticulously carved sandstone windows. The engraved designs and patterns.. 

Houbara Bar

‘Houbara’ (Houbara Bustard) is the perfect place to relish that afternoon beer with savory snacks. It offers liquid refreshments from alcopops to aperitifs and single malts to dry gin, perfectly accompanied by appetizers…

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